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Be a Part of the Transformation of Bumbuli!
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Get Involved Today!

If you are interested in ways to be involved in the transformation of Bumbuli, and you are an activist, or a Bumbuli resident, an investor, an innovator or a social change agent, we would like to hear how you can make a lasting impact and a difference in the lives of people of Bumbuli by working together to achieve our objectives, which include:

• To raise Bumbuli’s farmer’s income from existing crops by improving post-harvesting handling, adding value and aggregating agricultural output for better pricing.

• To create new job and income opportunities in Bumbuli by attracting private investment in new training institutions that will ‘import’ consumers in the form of the students, teachers and administrative staff.

• To transform the construction economy in Bumbuli by adopting new building material technologies that create jobs and incomes while protecting the environment.

• To bring some basic financial services to Bumbuli, either through the establishment of a community bank, or by attracting an existing financial institution to establish a local presence.

• To create a dedicated, self-sustaining Bumbuli Development Corporation (BDC) to initiate, coordinate, promote and monitor the execution of the activities described above. BDC will act as the anchor for the Bumbuli sustainable local enterprise network (Bumbuli-SLEN) and will engage in businesses with social objectives.

There are 3 Ways to get involved.
1. Fill out the contact form (below)
2. Contact us directly
3. Sign up for our newsletter using the signup form in the right sidebar.


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